It is a place where you can meet your loved ones - family, friends and enjoy meals together. In the evening, the lights dim and a captivating atmosphere begins to surround us. Additionally, it provides excellent service that gives its customers a sense of uniqueness and openness to their needs. Everything that comes out of the restaurant kitchen looks, smells and tastes. Pasymowski Restaurant is a place for those who value refined cuisine as well as an atmosphere of peace. For these people, both what is on the plate and what surrounds them are significant. As we enter this space, we hear beautiful music that soothes the senses ... and we can begin to explore various flavors. Depending on your preferences, we are able to meet any challenge. We will prepare both a sophisticated dinner and a quick snack with equal pleasure and care.
Open Hours

12:00 to 22:00

Table Reservations

+48 (23) 655-22-06


Żurek on smoked sausage with egg and bread


Mushroom soup with potatoes and fresh dill


Tagliatelle with carbonara sauce and freshly chopped parsley


Traditional spaghetti with Bolognese sauce


Roasted duck with raisin sauce on apples, Polish pan-fried potatoes and hot beets


Goulash with spaghetti


Zajazd Pasymowski

Uniszki Cegielnia 31

06-500 Mława

NIP 569-154-67-08