It is a place where you can meet with your closest ones – your family, friends, and together savour the taste of the meals. In the evening, the lights are dimmed and we begin to be surrounded by an uncanny mood and perfect service which assures a sense of exceptionality to its guests and remains open to their requests.

Everything that is served by the restaurant kitchen looks, smells and tastes perfectly. Pasymowski Restaurant is a place for those who value a refined cuisine in common with a peaceful atmosphere; for those for whom equally important is the content of their plate and the surrounding place. Elegance, discretion and peace …. Somewhere out of the space, the sounds of music are coming out, which soothes the senses…We can begin to look for new, refined tastes.

Depending on your tastes, we are able to meet all challenges. With equal pleasure and diligence we will prepare both a refined dinner and a quick simple snack.